There is no gift shop or restaurant but you are welcome to bring your own picnic or hold a barbeque…

Tanglewood Gardens is home to a vast array of wildlife. In the wood there are squirrels, rabbits and badgers. Birds that have been spotted include:

  • jays,
  • woodpeckers,
  • nuthatch and Kingfishers,
  • wild duck,
  • heron,
  • Canada geese,
  • Muscovy ducks,
  • Teal,
  • Snipe, and moorhens can all be seen around the ponds….

Above the car park our new rookery now has nine nests.

Can I spend all day at Tanglewood?

Yes you can! To experience the whole garden and all the hidden gems takes 1 to 2 hours and longer if you bring a picnic. However this is an average time, some people only stay for 30 minutes and some will stay all day.

Where is Tanglewood?

Take the A3071 from Penzance to St Just, go through the village of Newbridge and take the first left sign posted, Sancreed, the wood is 500 yards on the left and there is a big daisy sign on the road to help you find us.

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When was Tanglewood established?

We originally bought Tanglewood Gardens in 2001 as a place to have fun in. It was officially made an open garden in 2014 and since then has evolved into the garden it is today. It has taken a lot of hard work to dig out the ponds and plant across the gardens.

We are open seven days a week, 10am till dusk.

When does Tanglewood open?

We open on Good Friday until the end of October, every day from 10am until dusk.

We only feed the squirrels a few peanuts, which the jays and nuthatch also enjoy, I have a bird feeder for the smaller birds so I can use my camera and the fish are fed in the warm seasons, other than that they find natural foods.

Who started Tanglewood?

We bought the woods in 2001 but didn’t open the garden until 4 years ago although we had been having charity 2 day events for the past 9 years, the garden has evolved from a place where we could hang out and relax and dig a few ponds to people asking if they could visit, this has been a big surprise to us both as we are not gardeners and are always learning.

Who owns Tanglewood?

Tony and Kerry Marr