More sun, more showers,

The garden is growing well, we now have 100% of leaf cover and looking lovely, the bluebells are all out and the smell is divine.

Our rookery is now in full voice as the chicks are out and demanding food, we have avian battle of Britain over the woods, when the buzzards are being attacked by the crows.

One of our visitors has mentioned that he heard willow warblers which he had not heard for years and I think I have snapped one (photo below) and another visitor saw a red kite over the woods



Finally Rain!!!!!

at last we have had some rain which all the plants and ponds needed, the smell after a rainfall is delicious. The goslings have hatched , just two this year which is fine as the five from last year were a bit of a handful for mum and dad.

The heron is being spotted every day and the cuckoo heard frequently. Damselflies are about but not the big ones as yet, not quite warm enough, although our lily’s are opening daily.

We have released our guinea fowl into the garden and are keeping our fingers crossed that they do not become the foxes dinner!

Have you heard the cuckoo?

Yes the cuckoo was heard on Tuesday, fantastic as they are reducing in numbers.  We have our first water lily of the year in flower and are expecting the beautiful array that we experienced last year on all ponds.

The bees are busy in the warm sunshine, honeybees and bumble bees I saw three different species of bumblebee on one plant. (cotoneaster)

There is  a new carving, the Tanglewood Blue, at 5′ 6″ we think this is the largest dragonfly in Cornwall !!

The wood is now 90% in leaf and looking fresh and green, we continue to plant in the woodland and in the garden, always finding something we have not  got yet.!!

A week of good weather

We have had some wonderful warm days  this week and although I love it, our plants are crying out for a drink, so a spot of rain would do wonders.

We have had a visit from the pre-schoolers from Trythall c.p. school who enjoyed their morning at the gardens,, the heron has been visiting us every day this week, probably after the hundreds of tadpoles around the edge of the ponds.

Even though the rooks make so much noise  (10 nests now)  I was able to spot an owl flying through the trees, it was lovely to see .

Our bluebells are flowering slowly, not as fast as the ones at Enys gardens (60% open yesterday ) but the blue is spreading among the trees.

We are also seeing our first flag iris’s in flower for the year, oh by the way the bamboo is now rising above 14 feet.

We are open……

Start of a new year 2017,

The woods are looking a bit bare after the rooting out of all the rhododendron due to the disease Phytophthora ramorum, this is a disease which has to be destroyed by order of DEFRA.

We have been very busy replanting in the woods with native hedging which will provide colour and berries and cover for the wildlife. It has been a wet winter and the drying weather we have had, has dried the ground nicely but wellies may still be needed to avoid wet feet!

The leaves are now beginning to show and the woodland is getting its green canopy again, the woodpecker has been heard protecting its territory with the constant drumming on tree trunks. The bluebells will be in full flower in the next week, and with all the clear spaces we have now , we are hoping they will spread across and fill the wood with more magnificent blue flowers.

There are a few new surprises in the garden, some I will let you find, but one is a garden chess set where you can while away the time having a game. and on the path leading to the chess board there are some huge bamboo which have grown from ground to 12 foot in the last 2-3 weeks, these are amazing and  have developed from the mother plant which I grew from seed 10 years ago, we were told that it would take 10 years for the giant bamboo to appear and it has happened, we are expecting even bigger ones in the years to come.

Our rookery above the car park had three nests last year , we now have 9 nests this year , we are thrilled that they are increasing in numbers.

The swallows are swooping above the water and  the tadpoles are out  in all ponds .. tom toddies, all heads and no bodies, won’t be long before they are hopping in the grass.