Better to be late than never!!!

Due to a busy time getting ready for our charity day, was unable to do post on time.

By Friday we were beginning  to panic as we had had 3 days of continuous rain and the ground was beginning to get very wet, but Saturday arrived nice and dry with a breeze and by Sunday it was great, we had a fantastic day lots of people, good music, yummy cakes and campfire tea and coffee. All enjoyed by the large number of visitors, and we made a good amount for Cornwall Hospice Care.

approx. £870.00    WOW.

The ducklings are doing well, so are the guinea fowl with the chicken, still waiting for incubated eggs to hatch.

We have recently found the Muscovy female sitting on a clutch, so will have ducklings soon, fingers crossed.

Looking forward to some more good weather, and the flowering of the buddleia and the  Mombrecia giving the garden some more colour.

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