Open 1st April!

We’re delighted to announce we will be opening again on the 1st April 2021!

We have our new venture, The Cake Hut, offering hot drinks and homemade cakes. to all of our visitors. This will only be open Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and all Bank Holidays.

April 2018 Garden is open


Hi, we are open again for 2018, and what a wet time we have had, the ducks have been swimming on the grass paths, and both gardeners have trench foot !!

We have added an aviary with budgies, and finches for extra entertainment, a pair of peacocks which are very shy, you may catch a passing glimpse of the iridescent blue of the male, female is white.

20 plus  swallows were seen dipping into the ponds today, lovely to see them back from their travels especially as the sun is out today.

A video is up and running now on our website, a short intro to the gardens and its history

Looking forward to seeing you all

August already

Where does time go?  it is a long time since last post and do apologise, but other then the garden doing its own thing, i.e  growing and looking wonderful not much has happened in the last few weeks.

The Canada geese have flown with their two youngsters, two ducks have hatched ducklings and both have four each which are now as big as their mums. the lily’s are giving a fantastic show especially in the Kingfisher pond (should have called it The Monet Pond)  and talking about kingfishers, walking today through the garden with a lot of visitors about we saw  the kingfisher with young, first time we have seen one this year, very pleased.

As Tony often says the best ideas are ones we haven’t  thought of yet, but we do have an exciting idea which is in early development, watch this space !!!!

Leisure visits to woodlands are made for a variety of reasons, from quiet contemplation to noisy, adventurous activities. Moderate but sustained physical exercise can provide many health and wellbeing benefits, as well as psychological wellbeing. Also, for many people, there are spiritual benefits that can be gained by walking and taking activity in a woodland setting,  green space is beneficial to children

  There is growing evidence that horticulture is important on a human level. Plants lower blood pressure, reduce muscle tension related to stress, improve attention and reduce feelings of fear and anger or aggression

healthy places are restorative, uplifting, and healing for both physical and mental health conditions, providing privacy and tranquillity enabling stress reduction

These are a few paragraphs taken from research, encouraging  the reasons to visit woodlands and ponds.

Tanglewood has enjoyed a good week, mixed weather but mainly dry, the 5 ducklings are doing well with their very good mum, the goslings are now exact copies of their mum and dad.

We have also had a hatching yesterday of 10 Muscovy ducklings, we will soon be awash with ducks!!!!!!!!!!





Better to be late than never!!!

Due to a busy time getting ready for our charity day, was unable to do post on time.

By Friday we were beginning  to panic as we had had 3 days of continuous rain and the ground was beginning to get very wet, but Saturday arrived nice and dry with a breeze and by Sunday it was great, we had a fantastic day lots of people, good music, yummy cakes and campfire tea and coffee. All enjoyed by the large number of visitors, and we made a good amount for Cornwall Hospice Care.

approx. £870.00    WOW.

The ducklings are doing well, so are the guinea fowl with the chicken, still waiting for incubated eggs to hatch.

We have recently found the Muscovy female sitting on a clutch, so will have ducklings soon, fingers crossed.

Looking forward to some more good weather, and the flowering of the buddleia and the  Mombrecia giving the garden some more colour.

We have ducklings

We were surprised and delighted to see  6 ducklings with their mum at the weekend, we were giving up hope that we were not going to see any this year as the drakes have been chasing the females away.

the weather has been changeable this week causing it to be a little cooler.

We are gearing up for our charity day on Sunday, we have got Matt’s skiffle band, Nigel the gypsy- peg maker extraordinaire, Willow Mary and John the Garden Guru joining us on the day, should be fun. 11am until 5 pm, there will be campfire tea and coffee and homemade cakes, all  takings going to Cornwall Hospice Care. Please come along and bring some friendsit will be a great fun day.

and finally have you ever seen the tv programme Pimp my Ride, well will you look at my car!!!!  I just love it and hope it will be seen by lots of people





Glorious blue skies for the last few days, all of us getting our dose of Vit D.   Tanglewood is looking great, we have been waiting for an ideal weather day to have our video done by Hedgehog Digital, our website developers, so we had a great morning filming and will update with video when ready.

The chicken that we had siting on 13 guinea fowl eggs has done a grand job and hatched 12 !!!!! she has also adopted the one from previous batch so our flock is growing.

We  have the St Just cub scouts camping tonight and they have picked a perfect weekend.

It seems its phormium (New Zealand Flax)  year this year as every plant we have are in flower,

shooting up their tall spikes even the starlings are going into the flowers and coming out covered in pollen.


Posters will be going up soon advertising our open day 2nd July  11am until 5pm for Cornwall Hospice Care.


Summer ?????

At the moment I cannot see out of my windows as the fog/mist is so thick, so the garden is eerily empty of humans today. The wildlife is just as busy, feeding young, collecting nectar and the fauna continues to grow.

The young heron has stayed with us and is delightful to watch, it is lovely having such a great photo opportunity of a bird that usually flies away at the first footsteps towards it.

The rooks have flown making the carpark a quieter place, but our guinea fowl are making up for that being very good guard birds. We have 3 at present and my last hatch of 12 resulted in just one chick, so another dozen are in the incubator and another 12 are under a broody chicken due in a weeks time, fingers crossed.

After the election we are giving people the chance to come to a politics free zone, where all can be left aside,  enabling the enjoyment of nature in a quirky unique garden.

We are starting to prepare for our charity day on behalf of Cornwall Hospice Care, on the 2nd July, from 10 am until 5pm, we will post updates every week and let you know what will be happening on the day.

unreliable weather

The cuckoo is still being heard around the wood, and the red kite has been  spotted above the trees. everything is so busy now, the bees are loving the newly opened foxgloves  and the growth of all the plants and trees is so noticeable. A young heron was spotted today eating the tadpoles at the pools edge, happily the tadpoles are changing and the froglets are out in the grass,  which all of the grandchildren have enjoyed searching for.



May Bank Holiday Weekend.

well after a night of thunder and lightning we are left today with thick mist, after a really hot glorious day  yesterday.

The moorhen has hatched her brood, 3 seen so far , and the woodpecker is busy feeding her young within the wood.

another new addition has been added to the garden, photo below

Everything is growing so fast now and looking fantastic, especially my rhododendron monster hedge.

The first dragonfly chaser was spotted on golden pond which means the temperature is rising enough for them to appear.