unreliable weather

The cuckoo is still being heard around the wood, and the red kite has been  spotted above the trees. everything is so busy now, the bees are loving the newly opened foxgloves  and the growth of all the plants and trees is so noticeable. A young heron was spotted today eating the tadpoles at the pools edge, happily the tadpoles are changing and the froglets are out in the grass,  which all of the grandchildren have enjoyed searching for.



More sun, more showers,

The garden is growing well, we now have 100% of leaf cover and looking lovely, the bluebells are all out and the smell is divine.

Our rookery is now in full voice as the chicks are out and demanding food, we have avian battle of Britain over the woods, when the buzzards are being attacked by the crows.

One of our visitors has mentioned that he heard willow warblers which he had not heard for years and I think I have snapped one (photo below) and another visitor saw a red kite over the woods