A week of good weather

We have had some wonderful warm days  this week and although I love it, our plants are crying out for a drink, so a spot of rain would do wonders.

We have had a visit from the pre-schoolers from Trythall c.p. school who enjoyed their morning at the gardens,, the heron has been visiting us every day this week, probably after the hundreds of tadpoles around the edge of the ponds.

Even though the rooks make so much noise  (10 nests now)  I was able to spot an owl flying through the trees, it was lovely to see .

Our bluebells are flowering slowly, not as fast as the ones at Enys gardens (60% open yesterday ) but the blue is spreading among the trees.

We are also seeing our first flag iris’s in flower for the year, oh by the way the bamboo is now rising above 14 feet.

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